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GoResponsive Search
Contact and closing negotiations
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Search for new customers


How to find new customers is no longer a problem today.

Use the GoResponsive tool, search for customers who have an old site or no site, near you or wherever you want, and get the Lead list with contacts.

Now you have a nice list of possible clients to contact.

Contact and Lighting


Contact the client and enlighten them.

His old 90's or early 2000's website is unreadable on new smartphones. So he will lose a lot of customers! You will be the one to create a new SEO friendly and fast website for him.

Win your new customer

Development of the new Responsive website


Good job, you got him!

For your sake, it will be better to have a responsive website. It won't lose customers visiting it, and it will rise on Google SERPs .Now it's up to you and your creativity to build the best responsive website for your client

An Example

Lead Generation for Developers and Web Agencies

The tool is based on scanning the Net, listing NON RESPONSIVE sites or customers who do not yet have a website, as possible Leads.

With the software you can search for your Leads, near your geographical location, or wherever you want, then proposing them a makeover of the site in Responsive version, or a new creation of the same.


How to find new clients for Web Agency and Freelancer

How to find new clients for a Web Agency or Freelancer has never been easy.

With this problem in mind, we, at CodeSfera, have developed a software to search the Web for possible new customers within the Web Agencies and Web Freelancers.

It's all about making your possible Lead understand (the tool will provide you with a list of Leads) the fact that a responsive website is necessary today, it helps in positioning and allows the site's clients not to run away from tiny graphics that are impossible to view on mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, but to enjoy the clear and usable design, created with the responsive web design that you, agency or freelancer, will propose to them.

 Dozens or hundreds of possible customers that our GoResponsive service will give you and that you can then contact, and convince them to change to a responsive layout.


Our idea.


Wait or Act?

Web agencies or web freelancers often don't know how to find new clients, to whom they can perform valuable web work.

It is true that SEO techniques bring the customer to your portal, but how much competition do you have to overcome to achieve this ?

It is not easy to be in the top positions of Google and if you are not at least among the first 3 sites of the first page of Google, with high flow of searches, here you are with few clicks on your portal, and of those few clicks even less will be those really interested and willing to monetize with you.

In short, it's not easy to find new customers on the web.

So we thought of a possible 'problem' that can generate a high workflow, and business, for web agencies and freelancers, web developers or web designers and the whole world of digital marketing.

Today being responsive with your business site is absolutely necessary.






But how many companies are aware of this problem? 

How many people know what it is to be responsive with their site ?

Very few!

And this is where you come in, with your professionalism, commercial and technical, in closing the business with the client and in restructuring his site or creating a new one.

But where and how to find new customers, targeting them directly and without useless waste of time and resources ?

You need to have a list of customers who have the 'problem'.

Our GoResponsive FREE tool allows you to search in any geographical area for all those sites and customers that have this problem.

Now it's up to you to win them over and solve the problem for them.


Try the GoResponsive tool for FREE!!!


Acquire new customers on the web for free

Using the need to bring any business site to responsive can be the hook to activate new customers by redoing their old website responsive or creating a new fully responsive site.

How to find new customers: Watch the Video

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GoResponsive: new customers for you

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